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The Warsaw Rising Museum conducts museum lessons of history and Polish language for different school levels – from the primary to the secondary general educationschools and other secondary level schools.Lessons are tailored to the participants’ age and guarantee a good amount of knowledge on the history of the Warsaw Rising and the Second World War period in Poland. Classesrevolvearound the exhibits and areas of the exhibition–in contact with "living history” and in cooperation with the Insurgents – to make them easier and more memorable, with approach based on modern methodology including educational games and other forms of interactive teaching.



  • The Little Insurgent’s Room is a place where our youngest visitors can make their first steps in learning about history. Parents visiting the exhibition may leave their children here under the care of tutors. This is where the museum lessons and workshops for the youngest visitorstake place. Classes are conducted in a children-friendly atmosphere and surrounding, with toys, games and puzzles relating to the war time events and objects styled or reproduced to evoke the interwar years. The children visiting our Museum have a chance to enrich our collection with their own work. The majority of toys, replica and board games used in the Little Insurgent’s Room of are available at the Museum Shop.

The Warsaw Rising Museum
79 Grzybowska St., room 111
00-844 Warsaw
tel. 22 539 79 39


The Warsaw Rising Museum hosts interesting meetings for school and university students, as well as for anyone interested in the history of the Second World War and of Warsaw. The meetings are organized as part of the activities of the Stefan Starzyński Institute and the Department of Exhibition. Until present the Museum has hosted e.g. History Lectures conducted by Warsaw Rising Museum guides, as well as film screenings accompanied withdiscussions on Warsaw in the history of cinema entitled „Meet Warsaw Through Film”.


The Warsaw Rising Museum also hosts year-round educational activities for children, secondary school and university students and for adult visitors.


Workshops for organized groups or children with parents are held in the Room of the Little Insurgent. These art, music and theatre classes are held regularly or occasionallyto commemorate historical events. They draw from traditions which guided the Insurgentsand from the values which they passed on to their children and grandchildren. During workshops children work together with their parents or guardians. In spring and summer, we invite you to take part in family picnics organized in the Freedom Park near the Warsaw Rising Museum. Contact: kmazur@1944.pl, phone no.: 22 539 79 70



Department of Cultural Education (Stefan Starzyński Institute) organizes workshops and trainings directed at different age groups : children, students and adult visitors or entire families. The themes relate to the history of Warsaw and emerging trends in the contemporary culture of the Capital City.Until now we have held workshops in photography, comic book, music and animated film.



We invite you to the Reading Room of the Warsaw Rising Museum. We offer 12 500 volumes; publicationson the Second Warsaw War and the Warsaw Rising; varsaviana; Internet access;and aid in gaining access toarchive materials. Anyone who is interested is free to use the Museum Reading Room collection. We extend our special invitation tolower secondary and secondary schoolstudents and students of the humanities. The admission to the Reading Room is free. Before the first visit a special free ticket should be collected at the cashier’s desk or at the Museum cloaks counter. The librarian at the Reading Room will then issue your librarycard based on your identity or student card. The card enables a free use of the Reading Room. A ticket to the Reading Room and the library card do not entitle you to tour the Museum. The Reading Room is located in the Warsaw Rising Museum, between the 1st floor and the mezzanine.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.00 - 16.30
Thursday 11.30 - 19.00
closed on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday